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so it brings us back to this..

i don't really know what i'm gonna talk write about. i'm just gonna start writing and see what happens.

thursday we went to wonderland. meryn came with sean to get me sometime around 3:30 i guess and we headed off. got to wonderland, where i upgraded to a season's pass (yay) and we headed for white water canyon. it was rather hot and i was glad that i wore a skirt and a tanktop. garry bramptonboi was supposed to join us as soon as possible after the soccer game was over. it went into penalty kicks, but greece won (obviously/yay). meryn, sean & i stood in line for a while (not as bad as expected) and waited for garry to arrive.. he cut it mighty close. he got to us a few minutes before we got ON the ride.. he totally cut in line with us, haha. by the way, at one point while in line, i looked back and said to meryn "look! it's the fuckin' crocodile hunter!". some guy looked like he was tryin to be the crocodile hunter..or maybe he wanted to be outback jack. either way, it was a riot. he had the whole beige/khaki outback outfit, wraparound sunglasses, and that ridiculous hat. hahaha.

white water canyon was fun.. i got SOAKED!! my skirt was rather drenched (looked like i sat into a wading pool), as well as the back of my shirt & a bunch of the front, not to mention my shoes. greeeeat. oh well, it was good fun. next we rode the vortex, since it was pretty close by. we sat in the last car, and it proved to be MUCH better that way, since the last car goes fastest. it was fun! i believe after that we rode the wild beast. i was kind of worried about it, since the last time i rode it when i was like 8, i came off crying. i kept bumping my head on the bars :\ but this time was GREAT! we were just screaming like crazy and having a great time. i definitely wanna ride it again next time!

next, meryn & sean wanted to ride one of those god awful stomach churching spin-within-a-spin-while-swinging rides (the psyclone) and i was NOT up for it, so garry & i went off and we'd all meet up after (go cellphones!). we headed over to the swing of the century...

where we came face to face with a suspected (by us) child molester/rapist! CREEPY. we were going around the bars/barricades to get to the back of the line and he just climbed over the bars and cut in front of us... to be next to a group of kids. at first i just thought he was gross and weird. he talked to the kids for a minute, and garry whispered to me that he looked like he could be a molester. that's when i started getting creeped out. the more i looked at him and observed him, the more it rang true. he was purely revolting, and talked to the kids randomly. i also saw him scoping out the surroundings, watching other kids. garry & i kept speaking quietly back and forth as i got more and more creeped out. then he turned to us, and asked "do you guys work for the park or something?" ...isn't that a little WEIRD?! he were both in plainclothes and carrying a backpack. garry said no & some other stuff, but i tried to get him to stop talking to the rapist. the rapist said something else to us, but i don't remember what, but i kept watching him and putting things together in my mind.
a) he was just plain creepy looking. and i really trust my instincts about these types of things.
b) he was 30 or older.
c) he was ALONE. on a children's ride. next to the fuckin' carousel.
d) his clothes. sweatpant material shorts, ratty tshirt..according to garry now, ugly blue
e) he talked to little kids next to him in line. he questioned us.
f) he kept looking at all the other kids, and around.
g) when we went to get on the ride, he sat amidst a group of cute little blonde girls, ages 4-7.
i watched him like a HAWK around those little girls.. sat right behind them, in fact. he was much too creepy to dismiss. when the ride stopped, i immediately ran over to my backpack and grabbed in quickly. after we all left the ride, he sauntered off into the crowd. so creepy.

anyway, next garry & i just hung out near the psyclone and chatted until meryn & sean called/returned. i think we got food next, then headed over to the lawn next to the vortex to watch the fireworks (because it was canada day.. that's our canadian july 4, for all you americans :P) we got a pretty good spot, despite all these asshats who were like "this space is taken" because someone's hat/water bottle/sock was lying on that particular 5' by 5' patch of grass. riiiight. had i known we could save spots like that, i would have put down my underwear a few hours before and returned, demanding my spot because obviously, my underwear was TOTALLY holding my spot on the grass. i should try that on rides, too. my strand of hair is holding my place at the front of the line.

the fireworks were really cool! a lot of them looked like sperm, on which of course, i had to comment.. it was funny. but the displays were really nice to watch and there was music to go along with it. after a while, they used fireworks which made exploding sounds, at which point i realized that there was a time when ALL fireworks made an explosion sound when they went off. weird.

next, we left because wonderland was closed so went to the timmy's/wendy's parking lot where we all parked. i got the rest of my stuff from meryn's car and she & sean went off. garry & i sat a bit, then decided to head downtown to the danforth to celebrate the greek win. it seemed dead when we got there and found a parking spot, but there were some more people a bit further down the street. we sat down on the patio at some bar (ice bar? something like that..). i got an amaretto sour (yum) and garry got a CC&ginger. after we finished our drinks, we headed to the fox & the fiddle across the street. i was nervous of getting carded but it didn't happen. i got a smirnoff ice & he got some yucky beer :\ grabbed a booth, drank, i got kinda drunk. i'm a fun drunk. haha. after a while, we went outside, sat around on a bench and hung out til garry was feeling nice & good to drive. then we drove a bit, hung out, and then he took me home. i got home at 3:45 am, about 5 minutes before my parents woke up to leave for new york city, haha. i talked to them then went to bed.

friday.. uh. i worked, 1-8. which pissed me off cos i missed something fucking corporate at edgefest. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. ahem. so i worked, some of it was okay i guess. it was money, which i do need. i was very very happy to leave that night! argh! work was long and stupid. and i found out i'm scheduled THIS friday too.. 12-6..BASTARDS. i have a meeting downtown at 11am.. so hopefully i can work it all out. worst comes to worse, i'll be late for work..they can kiss my ass.

garry came over that night & hung out. we watched movies & tv (i don't even remember what.. :S oops) and also picked up some mcd's when we got hungry. it was kinda yummy hehe :) later in the night drama, blah blah blah, all is well now :) and that's all that matters.

saturday was LE BOREDOM. i believe i sat around all day and did nothing :\ that night, meryn, sean, marc & i went to swiss chalet for dinner. the chicken ROCKED, the chocolate eruption cheesecake isn't good anymore :( meryn used to work with our waitress at mcdonald's, so we got our drinks (all shirley temples! hehe) for free! :) after that, we ended up back at my house, watching movies/tv. they were gonna leave around 12.. *insert drama here* everyone was gone by 1:30. phew.

sunday was also super boring. i sat around all day alone, cos my brother was working and my parents went to new york city for the weekend. my entire family arrived in the evening. my parents brought me a tshirt from abercrombie :S that says "good girl" across the front (i'm convinced they bought it in wishful thinking haha), bras & CUTE undies from victoria's secret, and some bootlegged dvds from chinatown, lol.

i started this a couple of days ago so i'll just post it now..
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